Thursday, December 19, 2013

My 6 month old has an email address

Yes, you read that right. You might think I’m some crazy woman- you might be right! But let me tell you why I did it….

Every holiday or special occasion, I send an email from his account to all the grandparents and give them an “assignment” (I also push for them to send him random notes too when they feel inspired!). These assignments might be to tell about their first car, how they met their spouse or a favorite memory. I will make a book out of all of their emails and give it to Jett when he turns 18.

So if you figure I’ll go by State Employee holidays- that’s 9 a year plus one for his birthday, 10 emails from 4 grandparents over 18 years = a 720 page book of precious stories from his grandparents.

Yes, a handwritten note would be better but, let’s face it- they are all working adults and writing a note takes so much more time than shooting him an email.

Plus, I got him a pretty cool email address (as long as Gmail is still cool when he’s old enough to need one- I mean we all remember AOL)! Who knew there we’re so many people named Jett- I didn’t get my first choice (or my third) but if I’d have waited another 10 years I know it would have been taken;)

 <3 Crazy Woman Rachel

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