Saturday, November 30, 2013

Flat bottomed girls

Jessica and I are both FLAT bottomed girls and neither of us are fitness buffs to say the least! In fact before starting this blog we both tried the infamous squat challenge on our own- WITH NO SUCCESS!!!! Yes, you read that right- both of us were doing them wrong! We both felt the burn in our thighs and not our rear SO after a little YouTube and Pinterest instruction we think we have it down pat now! We are setting out to start an official December 2013 Squat Challenge! Stay posted for details and hopefully results!
Start the challenge with us on December 1, 2013!!!!

Good luck ladies;)

It's Electrifying!

Let me start by saying that I love this time of year. The colors, lower temperatures, the pumpkin-flavored everything! It's time to pull out those sweaters that I daydreamed about while my makeup ran and my hair fell flat in the North Carolina summer humidity. And the scarves! Oh, the scarves. All sorts of colors and lengths and styles.

But there is an ugly side to Fall. It makes wearing our beautiful sweaters, scarves and knit hats all but impossible. It creeps in, takes a hold of your adorable Pinterest-inspired flat iron waves and makes them a crazed mess. You know what I'm talking about. Static. One second with this silent maniac and you've got more hair stuck to your face than your head. And the worst part? The more you touch it, the worse it gets!

And, if you're like me, you've tried all the tricks. Dryer sheets rubbed through your hair. Effective for a while, but not an all-day fix. Spray some Static Guard on your brush? Of course I've tried it; what am I, an amateur?! That stuff is no match for a homemade knitted scarf! It's simply a fight you can't win!

Until now.

Enter TRESemme Climate Protection Mousse. Find it here.  
This stuff is amazing. Not only does it kick static's evil tail, it actually gives your hair the fullness that a mousse is supposed to. And I know mousse. (Static and mousse--that's about the extent of my expertise. Thank goodness you all have Rachel to help you with the other areas of beauty, right?) My hair is pretty thin. OK, very thin. So I've tried just about every mousse out there. Truth be told, the salon stuff works the best. But, I don't like paying for it. So I've been running through the choices at Target and Walmart like candy. That's when I found this stuff. I figured, if it didn't help with static, hopefully it would at least keep me from looking like I had more than 20 hairs on my head.
Climate Protection Mousse
I was shocked when it did both.

Now, I'm never going to look like I have Jessica Simpson's hair. But, neither does Jessica Simpson. Not really. She only looks like it because she pays good money for those extensions, clips-ins and other "hair magic." So, don't expect miracles from this mousse.

And, you may have a little static if you are outside in the cold for extended periods of time or by the end of the day. But the amounts of static, as a whole, are extremely lessened.

I used a good palm-full of it and made sure to focus on my roots, but really spread it through to the ends. Get all of your hair. If you don't, it won't protect from the static all the way to the ends. And that's where the crazy static likes to live.

Conclusion: this one is a winner. They'll probably stop selling it tomorrow. Like they did my favorite hairspray by Garnier. So go get some--now!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This is Amazing Grace...

Sometimes a song hits you. Right in the heart. Right in the gut. Where it's supposed to, needs to. Your body reacts to it without your control in the form of a quickened pulse, a tapping foot, a flutter in your belly. You smile at the words even though you're all alone and there isn't really anyone to smile at. But you're not alone. You never are.

Who breaks the power of sin and darkness
Whose love is mighty and so much stronger
The King of Glory, the King above all kings

Who shakes the whole earth with holy thunder
Who leaves us breathless in awe and wonder
The King of Glory, the King above all kings

And when the chorus starts you find yourself trying to sing along even if you don't know the words. Even if you sing in clipped sentences, fragmented words. You're trying to catch up to what you're hearing. But that's the best part. You're really hearing it. Really listening. Feeling. Singing. Sing out...

This is amazing grace
This is unfailing love
That You would take my place
That You would bear my cross
You would lay down Your life
That I would be set free
Jesus, I sing for
All that You've done for me

You realize that you don't even know how you got to where you are, the car taking you from one point to the other as you praise, you praise, you praise. Because that is what you are doing.

Who brings our chaos back into order
Who makes the orphan a son and daughter
The King of Glory, the King above all kings

Who rules the nations with truth and justice
Shines like the sun in all of its brilliance
The King of Glory, the King above all kings

And again you sing. And you could cry or laugh or dance. You do a little of all. Not caring that there may be others that see. And you are thankful. Truly, truly thankful.

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Worthy is the King who conquered the grave
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Worthy is the King who conquered the grave


This past Saturday at church, our pastor said that we tend to forget to really look at life and be thankful for what we have. Life itself is a miracle to be thankful for. The breaths we take, the light we see, the things we hear, the love we feel.

It is sometimes very difficult to hold on to our graciousness in a world full of some very terrible things. But maybe that's exactly why we should. Be thankful for what happiness you have, what joy you find. Hold on to it with all your might.

It is Thanksgiving. And today, if on no other, look around at the wonder of this world and find something, someone, to be utterly, amazingly thankful for.

That is His amazing grace. And His love is unfailing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica & Rachel

These are a few of my favorite things (beauty edition)…..

So… I have to admit, I am rarely faithful to a product, most of the time I don't even finish a product before I've moved on to a new one. However, there are a few products I have bought multiples of. In fact, I've been using the same mascara since I was in the 6th grade! I'm not saying I haven't tried 75 other kinds since then- I'm just saying I always come back to my trusty L'Oreal!

Speaking of my L'Oreal- here she is: Voluminous Volume Building Mascara

Shade: Blackest Black

It goes on nicely and gives me instant "umph". I don't have many lashes so I need a thicker formula to amp these babies up! It lasts all day and doesn't flake down my face. You can find it here or at your local Wal-Mart/Target!

Beauty Blender: Best makeup sponge ever!!!  It's pricey but I can say honestly, I've had mine for 6 months and wash it out with dish soap (Dawn) and let it dry over night and it's good as new! I got hooked on this when I got one in my Birchbox (there will be a post on this later. In the meantime you can check it out here ) and now they are on my Christmas list every year! Find it here here!


Merle Norman Soft Touch Eye Pencil

Shade: Earthy

This glides on so smooth and stays ALL DAY!!!! This plum shade is perfect for all eye colors! Sorry ladies... you will have to actually go shopping to pick this one up. I know of two local stores that have always had it in stock: Fuquay-Varina and Crabtree Valley Mall!

LancĂ´me Le Crayon Poudre: I was not blessed with much brow so I do what any other girl would do- draw it on! You would not believe the impact your eyebrows make! Find it here!

Shade: Blonde


Cover Girl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner

Shade: Brown Blaze

This formula is smooth and really gives the liquid look without the stress and mess of a liquid liner. I currently have Brown Blaze but want to try the black shade (Blackfire).  You can find it here! or at your local Wal-Mart/Target!


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Something's Cooking...

It's a baking day in our house.  We haven't had one of those in quite a while.  I made up my mind to eat healthier about five months ago and, in turn, made my husband's up for him as well.  We've lost a good deal of weight and knowing what a day of mixing bowls, whisks and sugary goodness can do to me, I tend to stay away.  But the holidays are coming and, well, sometimes these things just can't be avoided.  So, to the kitchen we go.

I'm what some might call a bit cookie-obsessed. Well, food-obsessed, but that sounds like an actual diagnosable problem so we'll stick with cookies.  And that should stop any unsolicited advice from people with Psychology degrees (real or unreal) from telling me why I like to eat so much.  I like to eat because it tastes good.  And cookies taste so good.

I've decided to try two new recipes I've found on Pinterest.  Here's the kicker.  They both come with some pretty stout claims.  The first is a "Copycat Panera Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie" and the second is a Nutella Chocolate cookie that literally has the words "BEST COOKIE EVER" (Pinner's caps, not mine)  in the pin description. 

I don't know about you, but I'm a little skeptical of anything that claims to be a copycat recipe.  Just like you might want to be skeptical of a blog that talks about fitness in it's Welcome Post, but follows up with one about cookies.  I'm just saying.  But why don't we both take a leap of faith today?

Panera's chocolate chip cookies are my absolute favorite, recently bypassing the ones that Starbucks used to have before they decided to switch things up on us and get new goodies in the dessert cases.  (For the most part that was fine, Starbucks.  But why did you mess with my cookies?)  Anyway, Panera's cookies are pretty perfect so I was all at once excited to find this recipe at The Pinning Mama blog through Pinterest and a little weary of it's claim.

But, after waiting the specified two-hour freeze time, and baking them up, I was so happy to find that this cookie's claim was so true!  Go make these!  Now.  Who needs Panera when you can keep these in your freezer for up to three months and make them as you want?  Seriously, this could be a problem.  A beautiful, beautiful problem. 

As far as the Nutella cookies go, they were easy enough to make.  The actual recipe calls for you to add sugar.  The pin says not to.  I decided to trust the Pinner on this one and I suppose it was the right way to go.  I don't think the sugar would have been a very good choice given how crumbly the mixture can be towards the end of blending it all together.  You will really get the urge to put your hands in there and just go for it.  Don't.  You'll basically end up with a mud mask for your fingers and not enough dough in the bowl to make cookies.  Smash it all up with the back of a big spoon--that should work just fine. 

Roll the dough into balls and place on a cookie sheet.  Flatten them a good bit and cook for about 10 minutes.  The pin said 7-8 minutes but mine took longer. My husband thought they were really good and he's not a Nutella fan so we'll call this one a winner for ease, taste and cost.   But, BEST COOKIE EVER?  Eh, maybe not.  I think we might have to award that to the copycat. 

Overall, not a bad day for cookies.  My waistline, maybe, but not cookies. 


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well, hello there...

So what happens when an Esthetician and an English Major become friends?  Well, aside from countless grammatically correct emails asking for advice on beauty products, a blog happens. This blog, to be exact.  Caffeine and Concealer is the answer to just about any question you have.  How do you look so good after having a baby?  Shoot, that's caffeine and concealer.  What do I need to get through my busy Monday?  Girl, it's all in the caffeine and concealer.  It may not be the answer to everything, but it's at least a really good place to start.  And that's what we'd like this blog to be for you.  A good place to start for everything from a shot a faith to finding that perfect blush. 


The collective "We" behind the blog is Rachel and Jessica; two friends and working moms that met about six years ago through our then boyfriends.  Since that time, we married those boys, had  two babies (one adorable little boy each) and became each other's sounding board for dozens of have-you-tried-this, you-just-gotta-read-this, can-you-believe-they-finally-sell-that-there makeup, nail polish, hair products and books.   Throw in lots of words of faith and some good Mommy-to-Mommy advice and you've got one seriously important friendship. 


We wanted a place where we could share all the fun stuff we've come across through lots of trial and error through the years.  Whenever we've found something we loved, whether it was make-up or a Bible verse, we've always shared it with each other.  And now, we'll share it with you as well.  And whenever things just don't work like we want, we'll share that too.  Why go through a 30-day squat challenge if your rear isn't going to lift up the promised five inches?   We'll (try our very best) to put in the work (really, we'll try) for you (we're not really fitness buffs—let's just lay that disclaimer out there).  And we'll let you know what is worth your time and what you can delete from your "Gotta Try It!" Pinterest board. 


You'll find honest feedback on beauty and nail product lines, we'll show you some how-to's (and some how not-to's, we're sure), as well as give you the skinny on those this-can't-be-that-easy DIY pins you keep seeing.  Nail art, anyone?  And, above everything else, we want to give you something to relate to, some words to find some hope in, and situations to make you smile or even outright laugh at.  Go ahead, we won't be offended. 


So raise your glass of whatever kind of caffeine gets you through—or chocolate; you can raise that too—and slap on some concealer.  Follow along, ladies.  We promise you'll be glad you did.