Saturday, November 30, 2013

It's Electrifying!

Let me start by saying that I love this time of year. The colors, lower temperatures, the pumpkin-flavored everything! It's time to pull out those sweaters that I daydreamed about while my makeup ran and my hair fell flat in the North Carolina summer humidity. And the scarves! Oh, the scarves. All sorts of colors and lengths and styles.

But there is an ugly side to Fall. It makes wearing our beautiful sweaters, scarves and knit hats all but impossible. It creeps in, takes a hold of your adorable Pinterest-inspired flat iron waves and makes them a crazed mess. You know what I'm talking about. Static. One second with this silent maniac and you've got more hair stuck to your face than your head. And the worst part? The more you touch it, the worse it gets!

And, if you're like me, you've tried all the tricks. Dryer sheets rubbed through your hair. Effective for a while, but not an all-day fix. Spray some Static Guard on your brush? Of course I've tried it; what am I, an amateur?! That stuff is no match for a homemade knitted scarf! It's simply a fight you can't win!

Until now.

Enter TRESemme Climate Protection Mousse. Find it here.  
This stuff is amazing. Not only does it kick static's evil tail, it actually gives your hair the fullness that a mousse is supposed to. And I know mousse. (Static and mousse--that's about the extent of my expertise. Thank goodness you all have Rachel to help you with the other areas of beauty, right?) My hair is pretty thin. OK, very thin. So I've tried just about every mousse out there. Truth be told, the salon stuff works the best. But, I don't like paying for it. So I've been running through the choices at Target and Walmart like candy. That's when I found this stuff. I figured, if it didn't help with static, hopefully it would at least keep me from looking like I had more than 20 hairs on my head.
Climate Protection Mousse
I was shocked when it did both.

Now, I'm never going to look like I have Jessica Simpson's hair. But, neither does Jessica Simpson. Not really. She only looks like it because she pays good money for those extensions, clips-ins and other "hair magic." So, don't expect miracles from this mousse.

And, you may have a little static if you are outside in the cold for extended periods of time or by the end of the day. But the amounts of static, as a whole, are extremely lessened.

I used a good palm-full of it and made sure to focus on my roots, but really spread it through to the ends. Get all of your hair. If you don't, it won't protect from the static all the way to the ends. And that's where the crazy static likes to live.

Conclusion: this one is a winner. They'll probably stop selling it tomorrow. Like they did my favorite hairspray by Garnier. So go get some--now!

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  1. And it smells fantastic too! Can't wait to finally get rid of my static with this!