Saturday, November 23, 2013

Well, hello there...

So what happens when an Esthetician and an English Major become friends?  Well, aside from countless grammatically correct emails asking for advice on beauty products, a blog happens. This blog, to be exact.  Caffeine and Concealer is the answer to just about any question you have.  How do you look so good after having a baby?  Shoot, that's caffeine and concealer.  What do I need to get through my busy Monday?  Girl, it's all in the caffeine and concealer.  It may not be the answer to everything, but it's at least a really good place to start.  And that's what we'd like this blog to be for you.  A good place to start for everything from a shot a faith to finding that perfect blush. 


The collective "We" behind the blog is Rachel and Jessica; two friends and working moms that met about six years ago through our then boyfriends.  Since that time, we married those boys, had  two babies (one adorable little boy each) and became each other's sounding board for dozens of have-you-tried-this, you-just-gotta-read-this, can-you-believe-they-finally-sell-that-there makeup, nail polish, hair products and books.   Throw in lots of words of faith and some good Mommy-to-Mommy advice and you've got one seriously important friendship. 


We wanted a place where we could share all the fun stuff we've come across through lots of trial and error through the years.  Whenever we've found something we loved, whether it was make-up or a Bible verse, we've always shared it with each other.  And now, we'll share it with you as well.  And whenever things just don't work like we want, we'll share that too.  Why go through a 30-day squat challenge if your rear isn't going to lift up the promised five inches?   We'll (try our very best) to put in the work (really, we'll try) for you (we're not really fitness buffs—let's just lay that disclaimer out there).  And we'll let you know what is worth your time and what you can delete from your "Gotta Try It!" Pinterest board. 


You'll find honest feedback on beauty and nail product lines, we'll show you some how-to's (and some how not-to's, we're sure), as well as give you the skinny on those this-can't-be-that-easy DIY pins you keep seeing.  Nail art, anyone?  And, above everything else, we want to give you something to relate to, some words to find some hope in, and situations to make you smile or even outright laugh at.  Go ahead, we won't be offended. 


So raise your glass of whatever kind of caffeine gets you through—or chocolate; you can raise that too—and slap on some concealer.  Follow along, ladies.  We promise you'll be glad you did.