Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Better Than Sex... The Mascara

Ok, now that I have your attention I guess I have some explaining to do! This mascara is named Better Than Sex and it is  pretty fabulous if you are into BIG lashes!!!!! Its hourglass brush takes me from thin and pale lashes to long and voluminous without a lot of effort which is great because as we all know mornings can be too rushed to worry about having to apply 10 coats of mascara!

At first I was worried I wouldn’t like the big brush as usually I am not a fan of them (I tend to end up with more on my eye lid than my lashes)  but I found this mascara was easy to apply. I have even applied it while in the car on numerous occasions with no mishaps (only while safely stopped at lights or parked in the parking deck)! It lasts all day and comes off pretty easy as well with my eye makeup remover!<<< Always a perk!

Product Highlights:

  1,944% more volume*

  100% saw longer lashes**

  100% saw dramatic volume**

  93% saw base-to-tip curl**

  8 out of 10 say it's the best mascara they've ever used**

*results observed in a clinical study.
**results observed in a consumer study.
You can pick one up for $23 at Ulta ,Sephora or directly from the Too Faced website! It costs more than my trusty L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara but I think it works better for instant attention grabbing lashes! So I guess you are wondering if it lives up to it's name.... all I will say is that I am going to be a repeat customer for sure!!!!;)
<3 Rachel

source: Ulta, Sephora

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Motivation: 10 Minute Tabata Workouts

If you haven't already heard, let me be the one to break the bad news to you.  It's Monday.  Yeah, again.  Funny thing about Mondays--they just keep on coming back.  Sometimes I swear we go to bed on Friday and wake up on Monday morning.  Really, where do the weekends go?

Mondays have become a pretty big deal to me since I've been trying to get healthier and lose weight.  They signal the beginning of a new week, a fresh start and they're a pace setter for all my upcoming days.  I do everything I can to make sure that I don't skip them when it comes to working out.

I can't lie and say I always pop out of bed, singing the praises of yet another Monday. But I do whatever I can to drag my rear (only mildly kicking and screaming) from my perfectly comfortable and warm bed and get dressed for whatever workout I'd planned for the day.

Whining may or may not happen.  Grumbling most definitely happens.

But so do workouts.

Generally I want something that is going to give me a lot of workout for the least amount of time.  Especially on Mondays.  Enter the 10-minute Tabata workouts on POPSUGAR.com.

My friend Heather has been doing Tabata workouts at her gym the past month or so and she is the one that first introduced me to the new trend you seem to be able to find everywhere:  your local gym, Pinterest, and just about every YouTube fitness channel in existence.

Tabata is essentially performing a particular exercise or exercises at high intensity for 20 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  You repeat this eight times, taking four minutes.  Put routines back to back to create the desired workout length for you.

I like 10 minute workouts.  Because 10 minutes is short.  And I can even put two together, really work hard, and feel like I've truly accomplished something.

Below are two Tabata workouts that I have completed recently that are assured to get your heart pumping and your body moving.  Do them back to back for a fantastic 20 minute workout to help get your Monday off on the right foot.  Or do it after work to help get rid of any stress from the day.  Either way, you'll be really glad you did it.

Happy Monday!


10 Minute Tabata Workout / POPSUGAR Fitness 1

Tabata Workout to Tone Everything / POPSUGAR Fitness

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thought We'd Left, Didn't You?

Well, hello, there!

I guess you could say we took some time off here at the blog.  That can happen with these things when "these things" are not the main things in your life.  Husbands, growing little boys, regular daily jobs and a bunch of other this and that came together to sort of, well, get in the way.  

But here we are, back at our keyboards and hopefully back on your computer and phone screens. Please excuse the lack of writing and forgive us for not giving you a heads up.  The truth is we really didn't mean to leave you for so long.  Friends, again?

Since we've been away we've talked a bit about some changes we'd like to make around here.  You'll notice a little more day-specific content.  Get prepared for Motivational Mondays with updates on any ongoing fitness challenges, new workouts that are currently kicking our rears or help with eating healthy by way of newly tried Pinterest recipes.  

We'll also cap off your work week with a little faith on Friday to take you into the weekend on a good note.  And in between you can look forward to new product tests and reviews from Rachel on Tuesdays, as well as more fun (and cheap) DIY projects from your Two Broke Bloggers, along with the usual random thoughts on being a mommy, wife and friend.  

Maybe we were just waiting for Spring.  Well, here it is.  And here we are.  

Hey, Y'all; we're back!  

Jessica & Rachel