Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thought We'd Left, Didn't You?

Well, hello, there!

I guess you could say we took some time off here at the blog.  That can happen with these things when "these things" are not the main things in your life.  Husbands, growing little boys, regular daily jobs and a bunch of other this and that came together to sort of, well, get in the way.  

But here we are, back at our keyboards and hopefully back on your computer and phone screens. Please excuse the lack of writing and forgive us for not giving you a heads up.  The truth is we really didn't mean to leave you for so long.  Friends, again?

Since we've been away we've talked a bit about some changes we'd like to make around here.  You'll notice a little more day-specific content.  Get prepared for Motivational Mondays with updates on any ongoing fitness challenges, new workouts that are currently kicking our rears or help with eating healthy by way of newly tried Pinterest recipes.  

We'll also cap off your work week with a little faith on Friday to take you into the weekend on a good note.  And in between you can look forward to new product tests and reviews from Rachel on Tuesdays, as well as more fun (and cheap) DIY projects from your Two Broke Bloggers, along with the usual random thoughts on being a mommy, wife and friend.  

Maybe we were just waiting for Spring.  Well, here it is.  And here we are.  

Hey, Y'all; we're back!  

Jessica & Rachel 


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