Sunday, December 1, 2013

Little of this, Little of that

Happy Sunday, Everyone!  Just a quick note on a few things…

·         December 1st is here.  And you know what that means for all of you that have decided to join us for our Squat Challenge.  Day One is 50 squats.  And let me start by saying if you’re still doing them wrong, try going to YouTube and searching “How to do a squat properly.”  The first choice is from POPSUGAR Fitness, and it is a great how-to video.  My knees were hurting from doing them wrong and watching this video corrected me.  Also, squats work your bum, hips and thighs so if you feel it in any of these areas, you’re doing things right.  The main goal—at least for Rachel and me—is to add some curve to an otherwise flat backside.  However, your entire lower body should benefit from the next 30 days.  So stick with it!  We can do this!  (right?!)

·         The first day of December is also when lots of people start advent calendars in their homes for the Christmas season.  Our church is doing a 25 Days of Christmas Devotional in the same tradition.  There is a story for each day, leading up to Christmas Day.  You can find the link to it here.  While you’re following along with our squats, why not follow along with us and work out your faith as well?  We think you’ll really enjoy connecting to the true meaning of the holiday season this way. 

·         We’ve had a few people ask us how you follow our blog.  If you check us out from a desktop computer (not sure if this works the same from your smartphone), there is a column on the right that is labeled Followers.  There is a button you can click on called “Join this site.”  Simply click on that and follow the instructions. You will receive email updates when we post new things to the blog and you can share things you like with friends that haven’t discovered us yet!  So go!  Follow away! 

·         Along the same lines as the ability to follow question, we’ve had quite a few of you try to leave comments and it not work.  We believe we have fixed this issue by enabling everyone to leave messages for us.  And we truly welcome your feedback.  We want to hear from you, so please feel free to comment on anything we post. We’ve been told that it may still be an issue from your phone, but you can definitely leave comments from a computer.  If you’re still having problems leaving comments, let us know by email:  
Have a wonderful week!  Tomorrow's Monday; don't forget your Caffeine & Concealer! 

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