Thursday, December 5, 2013

For the Love of Nail Tek

I'm kind of obsessed with fingernails.  I love when they're dressed up in the polish equivalent of the LBD or simple and classy with just a coat of clear polish.  I like them to sparkle in multiple colors.  I like them super shiny, like the polish is never going to dry.  (I'm not so much a fan of the matte finish—unless we're talking an accent nail—but the trend is growing on me.)
There isn't a cosmetic section in town that I haven't perused, searching for the perfect shade.  Just one more pink.  A blue, slightly more blue, a little less purple.  Oh, have you seen that red?  No, not that one.  The one there!  A gray that's more true.  A green that's so much fun for Christmas.  Something with lots of glitter.  Well, that's a bit too much.  But that one's perfect!  I could go on for hours. 
However, despite my love of all things nail-related, I have to admit that the natural state of my fingers and toes is not a pretty one.  So let's talk nails for a minute.  Not polishes, stick-on decals or removers, but actual fingernails.  Specifically, let's talk thin, peeling, brittle or otherwise unhealthy nails.  The kind that grow out only to chip at the first test of strength.  The nails that look beautiful for about ten minutes after they've been painted, then peel away in layers, leaving you with a sad excuse for a manicure.  The ones that aren't straight, bend this way and that, and are literally see-through.  If you have these nails—or some variation of—then you and I have a lot in common.
Despite my best efforts to baby my hands, I always ended up with mismatched fingers. A hand with some nails, nicely shaped and polished, shamefully mixed in with those that have broken and/or peeled into ugliness.  I can't stand for them to look so out of order so I end up cutting them all—usually down to a very, very short stump.  And then I wait.  Wait for them to grow again into what would hopefully be a nice set of nails this time
As I've gotten older, the nail situation has gotten worse.  And, as with any beauty issue, I turned to Rachel and asked for some assistance.  Her suggestion?  Nail Tek.  This little miracle product has done wonders for my nails.  It helps keep them strong when I do not have polish on them, and helps seal in the polish as a wonderful top coat. 
Personally, I've never been a lover of top coats.  Extra steps have never been my cup of tea.  However, this stuff dries so quickly, that it's worth the extra 45 seconds (if that) it takes to give your manicure the extra long life it deserves.  I'd say, on average, my polish is lasting a good four or five days longer after using Nail Tek.  And I do NOT baby my nails anymore.  That went out the window after the actual baby came in to the picture over two years ago.  I wash my hands—a lot (No, thank you, potty training)—and there is always something being cleaned up, picked up or scrubbed up. 
And the best part?  When I use Nail Tek properly (Yes, there are directions.  Yes, you should read them.  Yes, you should follow them.  They are easy.) my nails do not peel.  They are so much stronger and they are not near as thin.  I can really tell when I've stopped using it for a little while.  Laziness with nail care does not go away overnight.  And it does creep back in, even after knowing how wonderful this product will leave your nails.  And that's exactly why I have three broken nails as I type.  And exactly why I will start my Nail Tek regime tonight! 
If you have problem nails, you really should give it a shot.  You can find it at Ulta.
I've got a few Pinterest nail pins that I'm going to be trying out for you (some that seem a little too good to be true) and I need to get my nails in tip top shape before I do. 
Plus, it's Christmastime.  And that golden, glittery polish hiding in my bathroom deserves to be seen.  Don't you agree? 

xo, Jessica


  1. Jessica, you are so right about Nailtek. I started using it after I had my acrylic nails removed. After 10+ years I thought it was time. The only thing my nails were in super bad shape. That is what nails I had left. In a few weeks I noticed a big difference in my thin..thin pitiful nails. So thank you for reminding me what a good product Nailtek is. I am going to apply it tonight!

  2. Hi Ladies, So I am thinking about trying this stuff on my poor little nails but I have some questions... I was looking at the directions for it online and they are not too helpful (especially for a tomboy like me :) (also I am secretly thrilled about this new blog when I saw Rachel's announcement because I always need girly help and need someone to answer my "dumb" questions :) ) but I digress) So, here are the "instructions" on the Ulta website: "Begin with clean nails shaped square o rounded. Treat with one coat of Nail Tek. Begin at the half moon, stroking toward the end of the nail. Be sure to keep all nail products away from cuticle and skin as they may cause dryness.
    Color with two coats of your favorite shade of nail polish.

    Protect with two top coats of Nail Tek.

    Apply daily as a top coat over polish.

    After one week, remove all polish and begin again."

    1. What the heck is a half moon on your nail?
    2. Are you supposed to put two coats on by itself, then apply polish, then apply two more coats of nail tek on top of the polish and then another coat daily?

    Thanks for helping us ladies who have no clue how to be girly :) -Elizabeth

  3. Hi, Elizabeth! We are so glad you enjoy the blog and that you've found something to be useful! Love your questions. Let me see if I can help you out...

    1. The half moon they are referring to is the lighter area near the cuticle of your nail. It is shaped like a half moon. Maybe a simpler way for them to word it is to point your nail from the cuticle end to the tip (in that direction). Which is really how anyone would paint a nail, I'm assuming. How awkward would it feel to do it the other way?!

    2. You just need one coat of Nail Tek, then your polish (they suggest two coats) and then two coats of Nail Tek as a top coat. It really does dry very quickly so the process does not take long.

    If you are simply using the Nail Tek on bare nails, and not polishing, just out two coats on the first night, one each following, and start over after about a week.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us at And thanks so much for reading!!!!


    1. OHHHHH! that DOES look like a half moon!! Thanks for the tips - I am totally going to try this! :) - Elizabeth