Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's Get Physical

I don't think Rachel or I have ever been really shy about the fact that we're not exactly what you'd call "into fitness."  I am sure I can speak for her when I say that we'd love to look like girls that spend hours in the gym but neither of us is willing to actually put in the time.  We're not gym rats.  And I don't think anyone should hold their breath waiting for that day to come. 
I'm not even the best at being very encouraging when it comes to exercising.  In fact, not that long ago, I believe my advice to Rachel about physical activity literally came to the conclusion that she should just eat a cookie.  I mean, right?  Shouldn't we all just eat a freaking cookie and be happy?! 
Except, in the end, we won't be completely happy. Not if we do nothing but eat cookies.  What we've been trying to figure out lately is how to find the balance.  Between enjoying that good stuff (the cookies, the cakes, the sauces and pastas and yummy breads) and the good for you stuff (the veggies, the fruits, the leans meats and proteins).  And, yes, adding in some more exercise.  Because moving more does make you feel better.  So that's why we've been collecting a slew of upcoming physical challenges to do.  Just something so that we've always got something going—something to make us move. 
Yesterday was Day 15 of our Squat Challenge. And there have been some bumps in the road for both of us.  I forgot them all together on Day 14.  My family was at the beach for our yearly Christmas trip and I am sure I was in some sort of food coma.  The whole four-day excursion was too much.  Too much sugar, too much bread, too much food in general. (Too much fun!) The only things I did not indulge in were exercise and water.  Go figure. 
Instead of not doing the Day 14 squats, I did them on Day 15.  And I did the squats for that day.  That's 275 squats for anyone that feels like counting.  In one day.  By the time I was done, my thighs and that area right under my behind felt like a small (or relatively large, to be honest) fire had been started.  When I tried to walk, I shook a bit.  You know, like Jello. Or parts of California during an earthquake.  
They may not have been pretty, but I did them.  And I will be encouraging and say (and really mean it when I do) that you can, too.  If you've given up, start over.  If you want to do half of what the challenge asks you to do, go ahead.  And if squats aren't your thing (I'm sure they are someone's thing), find something else.  Except eating cookies.  Well, maybe just one.        

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