Friday, April 4, 2014

Learning to take a compliment

Why is it so hard to take a compliment?????  This is something that has become my self-peeve and I am truly working on accepting compliments with grace and (here’s the hard part) believing the person that gave me the compliment!

Typical conversation between ladies:

Lady A: Oh Lady B, I just love your shoes!
Lady B: These old things, you've seen these before!

I’m not a professional compliment receiver yet but I think the proper response to a compliment is just a simple “Thank you!" And since Lady A might have seen them before does that mean she can't like them when she sees them again??? Ok, that was probably far fetched but you get the point!

Jessica and I both confessed that we struggle the most when it comes to our husbands. I mean these are the guys that fell in love with us knowing all of our flaws* and still desired to marry us- they still think we are pretty and we should be thankful for that and just give them a kiss when they tell us instead of telling them they need to get their eyesight checked!!! 


<3 Rachel
On a side note... it's day 4 of the No Junk Challenge!!!!!!!!

*I am a bad horrible driver, I sometimes put the toilet paper roll on the holder backwards and I am the least organized person you know (Yes- I know the middle one could have been a deal breaker but he married me anyways! Thank God- Have you seen our kid, he is the cutest thing ever!!!!!)

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