Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter & A Little Housekeeping

First things first, I hope you are having a wonderful Easter Sunday! Our morning started off with a very excited almost-three-year-old hunting down colorful plastic eggs all over our house. He's much better at it than we imagined he'd be and that activity took all of ten minutes. 

Easter is a wonderful day for allowing candy before--or maybe even as--breakfast and letting your living room floor look like a bag of that fake grass exploded on it.

But we'd be mistaken if we pretended that's all it was. So I wanted to take a second to say, if you ever wondered what all the hoopla was all about, look no further than Matthew 28:6. "He is not here; He is Risen, just as He said!"
He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. -Matthew 28:6
We love the bunny. No doubt about it. We praise the King that died so that we may live with Him for all eternity.
Tomorrow is technically the last day of the No Junk Food Challenge. And if you'd like to stop there, you're welcome to do so.  Rachel and I have decided to continue on for another week.  You know, because we have no interest is foods made from sugary goodness or fried to crispy perfection.  The Krispy Kreme Hot Now sign has no affect on us; no, Ma'am.  We're so into health and fitness that this no junk stuff is like a freaking cake walk (See what I did there?).  Why not add more days?! 
Lies.  All lies.  We simply felt it would do us some good to add another week to even things out and give us a full month of the challenge. Plus, it really does make you feel better to not consume so much junk.  Your body loves you more.  And that is not a lie.  Promise. 
I do have to confess that I cheated yesterday and ate the world's best coconut doughnut.  But it was at church while I was serving for our Saturday Easter service.  I kind of felt like it was God giving His blessing since it was offered at church.  Who am I to tell the Big Guy no? 
And, to offset that little slip-up I did this workout today:
Somebunny ♡s you!! Easter Bunny workout ;)
Believe me, I do not feel guilty about that doughnut anymore!  This one will definitely work your tail out!  No matter how fluffy. 
And get used to seeing these two ladies on our blog; we're going to do their Bikini Challenge starting April 28th.  We'll take you along for the ride.  And, please, don't let the title scare you.  The last time I wore a bikini I think I was three.  I don't expect to slip back into that little red, ruffled number when this is done.  But we have seen some of the Before & After stories from the Tone It Up website and they're pretty impressive. 
These two gals are quite the motivators and we think you'll like them.  If you want to sign up for the challenge (it's FREE!), head on over to their website ( and go to the page for Bikini Series 2014.  They'll send you a starter pack of information with a few recipes and some tips. 
Have a wonderful week! 

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