Sunday, April 19, 2015

Monday Motivation: YouTube Channels You Need

Be honest, how many workout DVDs do you have in your house?  Now, how many do you have that are not covered in a layer of dust?  Yeah, me too.  

DVDs are great and they have their uses.  But after a while they can become a tad monotonous and they end up taking up more space on the back of the shelf than they do in your actual player.  It's ok.  It happens.  

I find that I need different workouts to keep me motivated and getting up early in the morning on a regular basis.  I've looked all over YouTube for exercise videos videos and you can easily come across some good ones in varying lengths.  

In the process, I've come across three fitness-based channels full of organized videos to help you find exactly what you're looking for to work you from top to bottom.  You can easily subscribe to each and get updates when new videos are added.  

Take a look at the links below and get moving!  

- Jess

    Tone It Up: Not surprisingly, the You Tube channel I go to the most.  You can find me hanging out with Karena and Katrina almost daily to do it all from HIIT routines to individual toning workouts.

    LivestrongWoman:  Workouts and recipes geared towards women. Yes, please. The best part of this channel for me?  The how-to videos.  Don't know how to do a Spiderman push up?  They'll show you.  

    POPSUGAR Fitness: The workout videos are listed in categories by time.Whether you have 40 minutes are only five, they have a whole set of workouts to get you the results you want!


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