Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's going to be a "dry spray" summer!!

So, we are about to get a little personal!!!!! We are talking deodorant today!!! I started using Degree Motionsense deodorant stick the summer before last and I LOVE it!!!! I feel it really keeps me dry and fresh! Plus it smells really good! It says it will last 48 hours but I don't find that to be true but it lasts through my day which is pretty good!
I had no intentions of changing or even trying out any other products until I started seeing the commercials for the new "dry spray" deodorant! I know you've seen either the commercial or the actual product in the stores! It comes in a slim and nifty can- not the traditional bulky can and inconvenient cap!

Both Dove and Degree have the same type of product out now but since I already liked the Degree brand, I figured I would stick with them! All you have to do is shake it and spray it under your arms! In addition to keeping you dry and fresh it goes on DRY to the touch and best off all it doesn't leave white marks on your clothes!!!!! White marks on my clothes has always been an issue for me so this is a major perk!

<3 Rachel

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