Tuesday, April 14, 2015

“Always Off Makeup Cloths"

In the age of using special cloths for specific purposes I had no doubt the concept would start to show up in a more mainstream place I just wasn’t thinking that Wal-Mart would be the first place I saw them! Target needs to step their game up!!! However, on my most recent trip to Wal-Mart I found these “Always Off Makeup Cloths”! They were hanging horizontally in the cosmetic section and for $3 (actually $2.99) for 3 cloths- I had to try them!

They are advertised as “gentle, ultra-soft cloths to quickly and easily remove makeup in one easy step” meaning you can use your regular cleanser with it or just water! The microfiber cloth promises to lift away dirt, oil, makeup and even waterproof mascara in an economical way (since it could take the place of disposable cloths)!


My thoughts:

·        Yes- this is the only color choice you have. Within pack of three you get a solid hot pink, teal with pink polka dots and a teal, pink and tan chevron pattern. Maybe a Wal-Mart in a different area might have different color selections!?!?

·        They are not square like washcloths- they are 6x12 rectangles with rounded edges! The shape/size was perfect for the purpose!

·        I have not used them without cleanser (water only) but I really do like them. They are softer than my washcloths and I think my face appreciates that! They really do a good job as far as getting all my makeup off without feeling like I’m pulling the skin too hard especially in the eye area!

·        I feel kind of fancy when I use them- like I’m being pampered in a fancy spa!

·        Do I need them in my life- no but I do enjoy them and I will continue to use them!

·        No- they aren’t anything like the Norwex Brand Makeup Removal Cloth Set- these are microfiber and the Norwex are an antibacterial suede material. I have not tried the Norwex so I cannot compare them other than material! I would be open to trying them though!



<3 Rachel

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