Monday, March 3, 2014

March Challenge = 3 Miles or 30 Minutes Every Day!

Let me just tell you how thankful I am that the February Challenge is over… I mean, I cannot do one more dip or push-up!!!! I’ve put them in the same mental bucket as squats- pinkeye and PMS are also in this bucket! However, I will say I do feel stronger and have a little more definition in my arms! This was an effective challenge and was worth the effort put in!

For March, Jessica and I think that we are going to spice it up a bit. The challenge is to do 3 miles or 30 minutes of activity every day. This challenge has no rest days but makes it so that you have a wide variety of options so you can squeeze 3 miles or 30 minutes into your day! This challenge gives you the flexibility to do something different everyday or do the same thing everyday!

I think this will be our easiest challenge so far! So if you haven’t done one with us, this would be a great one to jump into!

The options are endless but here are a few:

·        Jessica loves the Shape It Up videos. You can find them here!

·        You can walk 30 minutes or 3 miles on your lunch break. We know not everyone is a morning person and you might feel like you don’t have time after work- why not get it over at lunch!

·        Search for Zumba videos on YouTube!

·        Try some of the workouts you have pinned off Pinterest (I know I have about 40!!!)! I'm thinking about doing a different one every night!

·        Hula-hoop!

·        Jump rope!

·        On pretty days- break out the stroller and/or leash and take your babies and dogs for a walk! They will enjoy the fresh air too!

<3 Rachel

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