Sunday, March 23, 2014

BB Body Cream and Revlon Eyeshadow reviews

So last week, something really cool happened! I had 2 readers to recommend products! And I am not going to lie… this made my day!!!! (hint hint!!!!) And the best part was that they are both drugstore (read: inexpensive) finds!!!!

The first recommendation came from a classy and sassy business woman who hates wearing pantyhose! She emailed me about the new Jergens BB Body! The product promises 5 benefits when used for 5 days: Intense hydration (via Shea butter), a subtle sheen to illuminate the skin, it even out skin tone, firms the skin and corrects (using a blur technology)!


The verdict:  (After 5 days of continuous use) The light tropical-like scent took a little while to grow on me! It fades fast and I think I might even say now that I like it and think it’s perfect for summer. (Summer is still coming this year, right?) I really like this cream- it looks like a very thick cream when it comes out of the tube but it goes in super fast and provides plenty of hydration without being greasy! I was expecting glitter, however the “subtle sheen” is just that: very subtle- no glitter here!! There is a tad of DHA (read: self-tanner) in it but do not stress about this one- I never smelled like self-tanner! There isn’t enough DHA in it to even warrant you to wash your hands after application! This cream will help cover any "situations" and help you to go sans hose! I truly like it and can see myself purchasing more when this one runs out!

The second one came from a trendy boutique owner! I mean if anyone knows fashion….. Her recommendation was for Revlon Eye shadow in #505 Impressionist.

The verdict- I fell in love immediately!!! I have used it with a primer (Urban Decay's) for a more intense look and without for a sheer wash of color. The colors are very user friendly and the case is built to show you where they are supposed to go. I really liked that the neutral shades were easy to blend and were not too dark like some pallets. The two bottom colors are a primmer and a glitter. I have not tried the primer yet but I did play around with the glitter (it was a Friday and I think glitter is totally work appropriate on Fridays!).

Both of these products can be found at Wal-Mart, Target or Ulta! The lotion runs around $13 and the shadow will set you back about $10!

<3 Rachel



  1. Yay!!!! I made a review!!!! hahaha!!!! I love this shadow and wear it everyday. In all different ways. I've used the primer and it almost appears like an all over shadow. And When I purchased at Target I got for $7!!!!

  2. Tiffany- Thank you so much for the recommendation! I love the shadow!!!!!

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