Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A List of Happy

It's been one hell of a Monday.  And it's Tuesday, folks.  So what does that tell ya?  And it started right from the beginning.  Seriously, I hit the ground running...into what felt like a wall. 

I woke up to yet another day of nasty rain and bitter cold.  I mean really, where am I?! This is not the North Carolina March that I'm used to. And Mother Nature is having the most stellar mood swings ever.  It was 77* less than a week ago.  This morning?  I couldn't take my child to daycare on time because of icy road conditions.  Wait, what?  Yeah, annoying. 

Then, once I finally got to work, it just seemed like one thing after another.  One problem, one aggravation, one if-you-don't-get-away-from-me-type co-worker away from complete breakdown.  I beat a door today.  Literally.  Slammed my hand against a heavy wood door to make a point. Repeatedly. The level of maturity is astounding.

I told a man over the phone at my Headquarters that I felt as if I was living in a "perpetual Monday" right before I almost broke down and cried.  He said he understood and helped me through the issue i called about before rushing off the phone with a sympathetic "take care now, ok?"  I am pretty sure he jotted my name down for future reference.  You know, in case I end up in the news or on a Missing List of some kind. 

But here's the deal.  When days are this craptastic, this stupendously awful, it's sometimes nice to sit down and make a little list.  A List of Happy.  Things that make you smile. Because even in the midst of all that is stupidly terrible, there is still so much that is right.  So here is my list. 

  • I got extra sleep this morning due to our icy delay.  And a little extra sleep goes a long way.
  • I have a new favorite "salad."  Yes, food will always make me happy. Recipe below:
    • Quinoa
    • Avocado
    • Grilled chicken  
    • Corn
    • Black beans
    • Small amount of barbecue sauce (either toss the chicken in it or drizzle on top)
  • Typing this blog post has put Pharrell's song "Happy" in my head.  And I'm ok with that. Here's the video...
  • I have an awesome new book that I'm reading.  (Chasing God by Angie Smith)
  • Steven & Jack  (that's the name of my happy place)
  • Yes, ma'am, my fingernails are HOT pink.  boom.
  • The bills are (mostly) paid. 
  • The Family comes to town this weekend!  So much happy when the Cerame/Thomas/Ezzelle crew is together.
  • Got the first RSVP's to my sister's baby shower. Celebrating that little life makes me almost too happy.
  • My God is the same on bad days and good days. He's there for the sad and the happy--thank goodness!
  • Pinterest is still in existence (and I got a great pin from a wonderful old friend today. Love her!)
  • Pancakes for dinner tonight! And, we're back to food. Happy, happy, happy! 
What's on your happy list?

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