Friday, January 24, 2014

The Wet Brush – Product Review

So last week while getting my hair done Georgia (my hair girl- the best in the world) washes my hair and moves me back to the styling chair. She grabs a brush and is about to brush my wet hair- I am thinking she has lost her mind and I’m going to have to karate kick her but she explains that it is a Wet Brush and it’s made to detangle wet hair and will not damage my hair. I’m thinking, “This is going to hurt”, still in the mind frame of- she is taking a brush to my wet hair. And to my total shock- it painlessly cut through the tangles with no pull on my fragile wet hair!

I knew I needed one! Prior to this I had been using a wide tooth comb (which is still a fabulous option) but I really liked how easy this was and I think it helps to distribute product a little better than a comb! I got one (the chevron one) the following day and have been using it every morning since and I still enjoy it- I would confidently say it adds a little more fancy to my morning!

Where can you get one: Here is the Wet Brush website- they have more options and the prices average about $14 (the ones pictured above are from the Hipster Collection $14), I also found them on Amazon in solid colors for $9. You could also ask your hairdresser to see if they would pick you up one from the professional “shampoo store”!

<3 Rachel

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