Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Meet Rachel!


Best beauty advice ever received:
Always curl your hair away from your face. I asked a stranger at a party how she got her hair to look so good and this was her advice!!!! I’ve been doing it ever since and I think it works pretty well!

Best beauty advice I’d give:
If you have extra eye or face cream left over on your hand after application- don’t waste it by wiping it on a tissue or on your towel- wipe it on your bum!! It needs love too;)

What shampoo/conditioner/body wash is currently in your shower?
I have two choices of shampoo and conditioner currently in my shower: Pureology Essential Repair and Sebastian Volupt. Both are great! The Pureology is more of a repairing shampoo- great for ponytail days and the Sebastian is a volumizing one so it’s great for when I need extra volume!!! I have been using the Philosophy body wash in Amazing Grace, I like it pretty good! It lathers nicely and smells SO good. I got this as a birthday present but I’m not sure I would ever pay for it for myself as it is kind of pricy!

How would you describe your hair?
Fine, limp and oily. The good news is that neither I nor my hair girl has admitted to finding any grays yet!


Best parenting advice ever received:
Little Tummys Gas drops (find them here!) are liquid life savers! If Jett ever got fussy (and it wasn’t bottle time and his diaper was clean) we would give him some gas drops and he would calm right down! They are like $10 a bottle and 100% worth it!

Best parenting advice I’d give:
 Relax and cherish every moment! I think as moms and dads we constantly have our plate full of everything we need to do and we miss out on the fun things like sitting on the floor and playing with our kids or that extra snuggle time that leads to nap time together! Our kids (hopefully) won’t remember a half way messy house but they will remember the time we spent with them!

How did we pick the names of our boys?
Jett Armstrong Potts- my 7 month old bundle of pure sweetness! Jett was my great grandma’s maiden name and Armstrong is my mother-in-law’s maiden name. Jason (my husband) and I both love the southern tradition of naming your children after family and we think it is a very strong name!


What items do you hoard?
Hand soap (I love the Method brand hand soaps and they have seasonal scents that I feel the need to buy 5 of before they stop making them- bonus if the colors match the theme of the room), ink pens, undies and any and all beauty products!

We have a 4 year old lab- Daisy Mae. She is one spoiled rotten puppy and she sure loves Jett!

Favorite gas station food?
Anything Little Debbies, Nachos- with the hot nacho cheese sauce, beef jerky and Cow Tales!!!!!

<3 Rachel 


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  1. I knew I loved you for a reason - our shared love of Cow Tales! :)