Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Pinterest Foot Soak Review (Spa Day for the C & C Ladies)

Jessica and I tried out the infamous Pinterest Foot Soak. The recipe calls for equal parts Listerine, vinegar and hot water (we used a cup of each). Depending on which pin you read it might have called for apple cider vinegar or the plain clear kind, I have tried both and couldn't really tell a difference. And a few pins stated that the blue Listerine would turn your feet a smurf-ish blue, we used the purple "zero" Listerine and did not notice any discoloration. The directions say to let your feet soak for 15-30 minutes- I'd say we probably let them soak for about 20??? I mean it's hard to keep up with time when the conversation is so good, ya know? ;)

Meanwhile, we had a mask setting on our faces. I had received a sample of the Boscia Bright White (peel off) Face Mask so we figured today was the perfect day to try it out! The mask is advertised as an anti-aging mask that brightens, hydrates and smooths the skin. The directions are to apply an even layer to your face (avoiding your hair, eyes and lips) and let it sit for 20 minutes then to gently peel the mask off starting at the outer edges and rise off any residue with warm water.  (You can find it at Sephora and online here.)

The results...

The foot soak:

After we soaked our feet we used a foot scrub and pumice like stone to finish the job. We both agree that the soak primed our feet to be scrubbed. The soak alone will not give you fabulous feet but the soak and a scrub is a spa worthy pedicure (on the cheap!!)! We also both felt the refreshing tingle of Listerine for about an hour after we were done! So, we both agreed that we would do this again and think the refreshing feeling will be GREAT this summer!

The face mask:

The directions should have warned about ripping out your peach fuzz!!!! It was quite painful around the jaw line but our faces felt like babies' butts after! We concluded that the mask was nice and that it would have been easier to peel off if we would have applied it a little thicker! I probably wouldn't buy this product but if I received more samples, I would use them!
<3 Rachel and Jessica

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