Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Perfect Hand Lotion

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but it's a tad bit cold outside.  Like the kind of cold that makes penguins and polar bears do happy dances.  The kind that takes less than two seconds to reach straight to your bones and stays with you long after you've come inside and bundled up. 

Cold like this doesn't happen often, especially here.  Shoot, we were just sitting at 70-something degrees not even two weeks ago!  And now the walk from my door to my car literally takes my breath away. 

So along with chapped lips, frizzy hair and a red, runny nose (wow, someone sign me up for America's Next Top Model!) that the cold weather brings, I also have terribly dry hands. The areas around my knuckles and between my fingers can become so itchy and cracked that it has been known to bleed in the past.  (Yeah, I'm not sure when this blog got so gruesome, either.)  But, my little blog-reading beauties, have no fear!  I have found the best  hand lotion ever. 

Well, I didn't really find it.  Someone gave it to me.  And I love her for it. 

A few years ago, my dear friend, Sandra, gifted me with a tube of Gold Bond Ultimate lotion.  And it's been my go-to ever since.  It is pretty thick, without being so thick you can't get it to move around on your hands and rub in. It takes it just a few moments to "sink in," if you will.  But once it does, it's awesome.   This stuff is pretty much instant relief to what ails your aching digits and it smells really nice.  The best part?  It actually stays on after you wash your hands.  You might have to rub it in a little again, but you can still see the affects that it has. 

There are a few versions of this to be found pretty much anywhere you would normally pick up your lotions.  We're talking WalMart, Target and the like.  There is one labeled as Intensive Healing Hand Cream.  I've tried it and do like it; however, it is not as thick as the original.  So when the weather is this cold and my hands are on the verge of this bad, I go for what I know will work the quickest. 

And Rachel and I have not forgotten your pretty little toes either.  Winter is tough on those feet, too.  Especially your heels.  We're trying a new foot soak this weekend, so stay tuned to see if it's a winner or a loser.  If nothing else, it might be a nice way to keep those piggies warm! 


  1. Gold bond is absolutely my favorite. I endorse it when ever the subject of lotion comes up. If anyone has access to the commissary, they should stock up there. It is always half the price.

  2. I need to invest, because I have never found a lotion that stays on for more than five minutes and works well. (Without being that nasty kind that you can't rub around once it touches your skin.)

  3. I broke down and bought some to keep at work. So far so good. I'm not the biggest fan of the smell (I prefer more of a girly smell) but I do like the slightly thicker consistency. If anyone is going to try this, head to Walmart first...they have a BONUS 25% MORE bottle for the same price as the regular. Thank you for sharing!