Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Say Cheese! Queen E Comes to Town For Jett’s Baby Pictures!

As a new parent I learned very quickly that is it hard to load up your child, have them clean and picture-ready and have all the props and outfits packed and get to the photographer. My first experience was solo; Jason had a work emergency and couldn’t meet me at the photographer’s studio for Jett’s infant/newborn pictures. And it was one of those events that if anything could go wrong it did- about a 10 minutes from the studio Jett had a situation in his diaper so I pulled over and got that taken care of then starts the panic of when is the next bottle time- it can be SO stressful! He was on a 2-3 hour schedule at this point and the studio was an hour from the house so I felt like I was already on borrowed time (before we even started). The pictures turned out great and I love the photographer BUT this just wasn’t the ideal set up for us!

SO……I contacted Queen E Photography and made the appointment for Elizabeth to come to our house for Jett’s 3 month session. I had a list of poses and props from Pinterest and Jason was worried I was going to overwhelm her (I mean…I had really gone to town on Pinterest!)! She came in and asked if I had any ideas and I told her all of them and she thought they were great and didn’t say no to any of them (I was shocked)!!!! And she had her own props and poses as well!

She even carved the pumpkin herself! This picture required a quick shot as Jett wasn’t a big fan of being in a pumpkin! She was so patient with Jett (and me); Jett even took a short power nap and had a bottle break while she was there. She worked with Jett and even got a few family pictures with Daisy Mae and Jett both looking right into the camera!!! We were beyond pleased with the pictures!!!!


Needless to say- she did Jett’s 6 month pictures as well! And we will continue to use her for his pictures and family pictures!!

She lives in Charlotte but comes to the Raleigh area about once a month to visit family. She is very easy to work with and is always happy to schedule a session! Pricing starts at $75 including the photo disc AND IF YOU MENTION THE C&C BLOG, SHE WILL GIVE YOU $25 OFF!!!!! You can contact her at
queenephotography@gmail.com and check out her site here!

<3 Rachel

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