Thursday, August 14, 2014

Honestly trying to do better- A review of The Honest Company

I love Diet Mountain Dew, coloring my hair, candles everywhere and I wear perfume every day! Needless to say that I am covered head to toe in all kinds of chemicals and the more I “research” the more I want to have a tad less of these compounds in our home and especially around Jett!
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When I found out I was pregnant I bought all Seventh Generation house cleaning products. It takes a little while to get used to them but I do think they work pretty well! I do still fumigate with Lysol and use Clorox on hard jobs and after colds or pinkeye. I also still buy Lysol or Clorox brand toilet bowl cleaner.

I tried cleaning everything with vinegar and I was ok with that however Jason didn’t care for the smell! I will say, it will get your blinds sparkling. I mixed it about ¼ vinegar to ¾ water for this job!** And no matter what Pinterest tells you- DO NOT microwave vinegar to clean your microwave- your kitchen will smell horrible for a long while.**

So now, Jett is a year old and I started looking into The Honest Company for his bath products. I ordered the trial pack which contained travel sized products of the shampoo/body wash, face/body lotion, healing balm, hand soap and multi-purpose cleaner for $6.95. They will continue to ship you 5 products a month for $40 (including shipping) if you do not cancel. So I have used all of the products in the trial pack and like all of them! Here is the link!

·        The shampoo/body wash is good. I think it foams up just as good as my normal Johnson & Johnson baby both products and doubled as a bubble bath. I didn’t feel as bad when Jett put his face in the water (it is tear-free) and drank some (yes, we are at that stage). The scent (orange-vanilla) is lovely just not as long lasting as with J&J. He was just as clean just not fragrant- which is probably because there are fewer chemicals. At this time they do not offer a “calming/night time bath gel/lotion” which I really do like from J&J.

·        The face/body lotion is ok.  It is fragrance free. Jett seemed super soft after I applied!

·        The healing balm can be used on diaper rash, irritated skin, cuts/scrapes, etc.. It is a gel/balm consistency. I have only used it on Jett’s fanny a few nights before bed and I have nothing bad to say about it! It went on smoothly and was thick enough to stay where I put it! I could see myself using this on my hands this winter when they get super dry! The site said it was good for eczema too!

·        The hand soap is nice. I got the lavender scent in my kit and it isn’t overpowering but enough fragrance to make you feel pampered! It is not antibacterial (which is another thing I am working towards ridding my house of- except in the kitchen) and is non-toxic!

·        The multi-surface cleaner is ok. Again the more natural products take adjustment time- your house will be just as sparkling just less aromatic proof that you just cleaned! I feel it cleans just as good as the Windex Multi Surface cleaner!

They offer so many products from laundry detergent (liquid or pods) to vitamins! So for my first monthly bundle (which you can adjust how often it comes in increments of every 4, 5 or 6 weeks), I chose the shampoo/body wash, face/body lotion, bubble bath, organic breathe easy rub (Vick’s Vapor Rub), and the dish brush with ceramic base. The total of these products if I went to Target* and bought them would be $54.75 plus tax and I paid $40 (shipping and tax included)!


*Target is the only retail store that sells The Honest Company however, they do not carry all the products.
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