Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Always on the Menu: Two Easy & Healthy Meals

Trying to cook healthy in our house can be somewhat of a challenge.  The truth is my roommates are picky eaters.  If it's green, the three year old immediately throws it into the "salad" category and claims he doesn't like it.  Funny, the 28 year old makes similar statements.

We can't do seafood in any form because of the older one and the younger one will love something one night and the next eat half his dinner only to boldly state, "I don't like it," and never want to touch whatever food he's eating again.

And, if I'm being completely honest, I'm absolutely innocent in all this.  Really, it's all them.  (Actually, I could eat cereal every night.  So that's not overly healthy either.  So I suppose I do have my flaws.)

Anyway, when I find things that everyone likes (or at least both grown-ups), we tend to make them often.  When I find things that everyone likes that are also easy, we tend to make them once a week.  Without fail.  Such is the case with our healthy burrito bowls and lime chicken sandwiches.  Both total winners on the yum and ease scales.

In fact we made burrito bowls on Sunday and the chicken sandwiches on Tuesday.  If you're looking for some new ideas that won't wreck your healthy eating or take forever to make, try one of these.  Maybe they'll end up in your weekly rotation, too.

Burrito Bowls

*Brown Rice
*Shredded Chicken (I buy a rotisserie chicken and pull the meat from it.)
*Taco Seasoning
*Black Beans
*Salsa (optional)
*Shredded Cheese (optional)

While the rice is cooking I throw the shredded chicken into a pan with about 3-4 tablespoons of water and a small scoop of taco seasoning (you really don't need much--a packet of taco seasoning will last us 5 or 6 meals).  Stir it up, distributing the seasoning evenly and warm it up over medium heat.

Heat up the corn and black beans if you choose (we always do)

Put as little or as much of everything into bowls and chow down!  Don't forget to squeeze some lime juice over the top--it really does make a difference.

**Steven does not like avocado and prefers to use salsa and shredded cheese in his bowls, where I leave them out.  You may also like to add tomatoes, onions or other veggies.  Fire Roasted tomatoes are actually really good in this.  (Warning:  Wal-Mart brand fire roasted tomatoes are really spicy.  Like, make your nose run spicy. Just so you know.)

Lime Chicken Sandwiches

*4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
*Kraft Zesty Lime Vinaigrette Dressing (this is what makes this one so good)
*Whole wheat sandwich rolls / buns, toasted
*Sliced cheese of choice (we like provolone)

Place the chicken in a Ziploc bag and pour in enough dressing to cover them.  This dressing only comes in the small sizes and I usually pour in a little less than half the bottle.  Marinade for at least an hour.  I've found that leaving in the fridge overnight makes it turn out the best.

Spray a pan with lots of cooking spray and cook on medium-high heat, turning often, until completely cooked through.

Melt cheese on top, place it on a toasted roll or bun and there you go! The toasting of the bread is essential, trust me!

I like to slice avocado (there seems to be a theme with my meals) on top of my sandwich.  But they don't really need much extra stuff on them.

We serve with a side of quinoa and veggies. Jack's favorite is corn on the cob.  I like squash.  Steven is so proud he finally eats green beans. Just a reminder, Steven is the husband, not the three year old.  

Both these meals heat up really well the next day and leave plenty for us to take to work for lunch.  Healthy, easy, and saves us from going out to lunch.

Yep, we'll be eating them again next week!

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