Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two Broke Girls DIY: Easy-Peasy End Tables

I'd be lying if I said I was a big DIY person.  I'm not one to do lots of projects (to completion) or get my hands into lots of crafty things (for more than five minutes).  It's just not generally my thing, if you will.  But, as I've mentioned before, I really would like to be "that girl."  For the most part I can accept that I'm not and move on.

"Pinspiration" Table
However, from time to time while perusing Pinterest, some little project of OMG-level interest--and obvious ease--will come along and I just have to do it. That's what happened when my best friend sent me this pin, pictured to the right.

She knew I had been looking for end tables for a while that were both fun and, well, cheap.  She got both those little birdies with this beauty.

I ran the idea by The Hubs (since this project would involve using a saw and I really don't have much interest in that) and we got to work that following weekend.  We spent a total of $40 for two tables and we were both really happy with the results.

We had to buy wood and spray pant.  Steven already had the screws and putty that covered the holes.  There wasn't a ton of prep involved because we didn't want the tables to look too perfect.  The tops were sanded a tad to diminish the look of the putty, but we didn't even cover the screw holes anywhere else

The color is called Nautical by Valspar, which is pretty perfect because the tables look like they belong in a beach house.  Since our beach house is currently only available via dreams and imaginings, we figured our everyday house would do.

We decided to nix the second crossed board on the back because it made our particular version too bulky for where we wanted to place the tables.  There was a certain look we were going for and space we had available to us didn't really allow the tables to stick out much more.

Our Finished End Table
We added a board at the bottom so that we could place magazines or whatever else on the tables.  This took the place of our old, wrought iron "magazine rack of death" as my friend Courtney so lovingly called it.  It's taken out quite a few toes in its day and was long overdue for retirement.  

Once I told Rachel about our plans for a DIY project that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg, a new series on the blog was born:  Two Broke Girls DIY.  Neither of us has tons of money to spend on making TV consoles out of old dressers (you know you've seen that one!), but when we come across great ideas that don't hit your cute wallets too hard, we're going to share them with you on here.

Next up, the rustic (read: easy) and inexpensive (read: so cheap) shelves we've pinned on our Pinterest page.  Don't follow us yet?  Shame!  Go here now and check it out!  (Or cut and paste this address and head on over:

What's been your best DIY on the cheap idea?


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