Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Two Broke Bloggers hit up the cosmetic aisle!


I’m 99% sure that you have heard of (if not already own) the Urban Decay Naked Palette. But $50 for eye shadow can be a little hard to swallow! I was browsing the June issue of Cosmo and saw that Maybelline had a similar palette called The NudesI thought that might be a nice dupe for UD Naked! So on my next trip to Wal-Mart, I cruised the cosmetic aisle in search of the Maybelline dupe and to my surprise, Wal-Mart had it in stock and already on the shelf! I immediately put it in my cart then looked for the price to be highly pleased that this was a bargain at $10!!!!!

So here are my thoughts on the two palettes:
  • Naked has buttery, full coverage shadows where as The Nudes has less pigment. I would suggest using a primer or putting foundation on your lids before using The Nudes. However, I think that less pigment isn't always a bad thing... not many people desire full coverage black eye shadow. The black in The Nudes is user friendly and easier to blend for that perfect smoked out eye!
  • Naked has more glittery colors and The Nudes has more shimmery colors (both have matte colors as well). This is more of a personal decision of what works best for you.... glitter vs. shimmer.
  • In the Naked palette- the 5th color from the left works well as a brow powder! I use my slanted brow brush and fill those suckers in!
  • The Nudes has lighter toned colors so if you like a more subtle look, it is great. For a more dramatic look, Naked might be better but either compact can offer both looks!
I really like both options and will continue to use both!
<3 Rachel

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