Friday, May 9, 2014

Testtube- a review of a beauty sampling program

There are a ton of “beauty sampling programs” out there and they range in price as well as quality of the samples. I am currently receiving Testtube by NewBeauty . You can find it here! It’s delivered to your door six times a year for $29.95 per tube (plus shipping). I really have enjoyed it and feel that I get $30+ worth of product out of each tube! They give full size products as well as deluxe sized samples! Plus, you get a subscription of NewBeauty (their magazine) delivered quarterly!

A couple of months ago I got this powder brush in my “tube.” It’s a $48 purchase at Ulta!!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!!! It’s a brand I had never used and wasn't really sure I would have been interested in if I had not received this brush! After using this brush and seeing the quality- I will buy more of their brushes and venture into their line of cosmetics!

In the tube I got this week, I got Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless Shampoo. It’s one of those “conditioning shampoos” that do not “suds up." It promises these benefits:

• 6-in-1 cleansing conditioner
• Refines Hair Texture
• Optimizes Styling Process
• Drastically Cuts Down Blow Drying Time
• Perfect For All Hair Types
• Surfactant-free and Paraben-free
• No Stripping Suds

I have been hesitant to try shampoos like this since my hair is very fine and oily (I have to wash it every morning).  I thought they would make my hair greasy! So Wednesday I was getting ready for work and thought I might as well try it today and I was shocked by the results! My hair was not greasy at all!!!! I had no tangles (my Wet Brush glided right through my hair) and my blow dry time was noticeably decreased! I received a full size  (3.3 ounces) of this product which is a $13 value!

This shampoo is pretty expensive so I’m not sure if I would buy it again but I am now intrigued by the Herbal Essences one that was $5 at Target!
I have truly enjoyed receiving my Testtubes! It’s such is nice surprise to come home from work and have a pampering kit waiting on your porch for you! And you have no “clues” as to what is in it so it’s a thrill to open it and go through it product by product! They do supply a pamphlet of the products that came in the tube for a little extra explanation too!

<3 Rachel

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