Monday, May 12, 2014

London Grace Boutique--Time to Shop! (coupon code)

It's Monday again.  And, if your Monday has gone anything like mine, well, I'm sorry.  So I wanted to take a second to step away from all the this-is-about-to-make-me-pull-my-hair-out things and tell you about something a lot more fun than work meetings, traffic, keeping schedules or basically whatever else you may have to encounter at the start of your typical week. 

Caffeine & Concealer has done quite a bit of reviews of makeup, hair products and, my personal favorite, food.  I mean, I like the other stuff, too.  But there's no eye shadow out there that comes close to a chocolate chip cookie.  Which is also why we do monthly exercise challenges to review for you. 

To date, the main thing we haven't reviewed is clothes.  Until now.  My best friend has opened an online shop called London Grace Boutique.

Shameless plug for my best pal?  Absolutely!  But, I'd have a much harder time giving her space on the blog if the stuff she was selling wasn't so darn cute! 

One of my favorites, and one of the things her loyal shoppers are snatching up like crazy, are her jeggings.  I have to admit, I don't like jeggings.  Just the sound of the word is weird to me.  But, when I put on these pants, I changed my mind.  These things actually gave me--the girl with no bum--a little junk to my mostly flat trunk.  Plus, I had these things on for over two hours and didn't pull them up once.  NOT. ONCE.  They were like miracle pants! 

You have to get some of these. Seriously.  She sells them in multiple colors and they come in sizes S-3X.  This is me in the black.  And then Tiffany, LGB's owner, in the teal ones.

*Check out the sweater I'm wearing, as well as Tiff's necklace and top!  All are London Grace goodies!!

Check out the website for even more great stuff like jewelery, tops, linen pants, adorable shorts and dresses.  She even has a Curvy selection in extended sizes. 

If you have questions on how things fit, shipping (always free.  YEAH, FREE!), exchanges, returns, or anything else, just ask.  Send an email to, or go through the Contact Us link on the website and they will be happy to help get you in the latest and greatest that LGB has to offer. 

Don't forget to sign up for the London Grace Boutique newsletter.  It comes directly to your email and you'll be the first to get coupon codes for the latest sales and promotional deals.  Speaking of, if you use code THANKYOUC&C from now through May 31st you will receive 25% off your entire order!  So, go!  Shop! And don't forget to tell your friends, follow on Facebook and Instagram for all the best deals.     

*Below are some more examples of what you can find at the best little boutique the web has to offer!


 Perfect Jegging in Yellow

Piko top
Made from Bamboo (yes, bamboo) & spandex
Lace shorts--selling fast!! 
I had to include this dress because it is one of my favorites from the shop.  However, it is currently sold out.  See what happens when you don't shop fast?! 

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