Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dear, Husband

For the past five years--five years today, actually--I've been blessed to call you Husband.  You've been my friend for much longer.  My Love for what feels like forever.  And my partner in all things until the end.  

Husband, it's been a journey.  There are parts of our story that only you and I know.  Inside jokes.  Secrets.  Things.  And there are things that I hope that everyone else can see.  How much I love you.  How much I like you.  Even on days when I don't.  

Because there are times when it's hard to like even the one I love the most. And I know that I'm not always likable.  But there has never been one minute, since the first second I realized I loved you, that I haven't adored you.

I love that your main goal is to make me smile.  Even when that is the last thing I want to do.  I love how hard you  work for our family even though I sometimes hate it, too.

You are every love song that I've ever heard on country radio.  Every old tune by Alabama.  All the good ones by George Strait. And you are all the ones that haven't been written, because they will all make me think of you.  Like you are why they were created. For me to ride shotgun and sing along to as you drive.

Through town.  Through life.  

You and I are not the same.  Not mirror images.  But we agree where it matters the most. In our faith, our morals and our standards. I mean, come on, we picked each other.  Even if by doing so we picked some hard roads along the way.  And fought some tough battles.  I'd fight them again.  I'd pick you again.  

And again.  
And again.  

And we created something pretty amazing in the form of a boy that calls you Daddy.  I love him in a way that I never thought possible.  But it is different from my love for you.  You, Husband, will always be my favorite. My Number One.  He will one day grow and leave.  Find a love and life all his own. And you will always be Mine.  

When this life is done, I will look back and say that despite all the things I had done wrong--and there were many--I did right by loving you.  And taking your last name when you offered.  And making it mine.  

To the rest of our lives...

--Your Wife

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